Safaree Comes for Nicki & Meek in song "Lifeline"


Uhmmmm I’m going to let yawl listen to it and take what you may from it.  He had some clever lines others sounded a bit remedial, at the end of the day he was spitting hotter then Meek.  Meek stock is falling by the day and Nicki Minaj will be lucky if he doesn’t take her with him. 

 say Nicki just date him til her tour is over and then come out with a diss track featuring Drake coming for Meek Mill Breaking down the situation.  Starting with how in the hell she ended up with that loser, compared to Safaree Meek was a step down.    She need to rap about all the stupid stuff Meek said and did while they were together and how it hurt to come after her boy Drake like she did . 

Because after all is said and done; Meek and Nicki are through she still going to have Drake as a label mate.   There’s nothing genuine about there relationship, its not as deep as they’d want others to believe.  It’s all surface. 

I sit back and think to the article I wrote about Nicki and Safaree I swear just months before they broke up.  I almost feel like it was the spark that lit the match because I had a lot of valid questions, I feel she couldn’t answer.  So instead she just broke up with him.. Read the article Here

And I know your thinking.. You not even on Nicki Radar.. Believe me when I say She know who I am … Check out the Interview I had with a Former Wilhelmina Model YesLivCan who started out on the Come up with Nicki Minaj she got the inside scoop of how she came into the Cash Money Camp..  There’s no denying Nicki don’t know who she is and if you don’t know Google her.  Liv aint wanting for nothing to be hating on Nicki she got plenty of her own money.  Check out that interview Here. Yes Liv Can Interview Keep’n It Real W/ @Ms_Mobetta

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