President’s Aid Arrested for Attempted Murder


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, today an aid of President Obama threatened her boyfriend with a loaded gun. 
I know he wants reform to pass on gun laws, I’m just hoping this story isn’t another example there trying to set to change them. 

He’s a Police Officer for Goodness sakes.  They’ll probably try to pass a law were cops have to leave there revolvers at the station.  Who knows?!  I don’t know what was running through her mind discharging a loaded weapon towards someone. 

She allowed her position to get to her head.  Your the Aid to the President of the United States not the President, Sweety. 
+Comedian Joanna MsMobetta Stephens  @Ms_Mobetta

A White House staffer was arrested and placed on unpaid leave after allegedly grabbing her boyfriend’s gun and shooting at him during a tense argument, police said Monday.
Barvetta Singletary, 37 – a special assistant to the President and the House legislative affairs liaison – was arrested on Friday after the alleged incident.
She reportedly confronted her boyfriend, a Capitol Hill police officer, about another woman he was seeing before grabbing his two cellphones and his .40 caliber Glock 23 service weapon, NBC reported.
When the officer refused to give Singletary his cellphone passwords, she took the gun and pointed it at him, saying: ‘You taught me how to use this. Don’t think I won’t use it,’ according to the arrest warrant.
Police said she pointed the duty weapon in his direction and fired one round.

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