For President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama eldest daughter Malia it’s been a long road to graduation.  With spending most of her formative years in the White House under what some would presume “lock and key”.   With the CIA, Security Detail and other measures acting as a protective  barrier for her and the rest of the Presidential Family for years it’s a wonder she’s allowed to go to college.  You better believe whatever school she chose will be the safest one , if not in the world then in the United States.

According to several News Sources Malia Obama just weeks  before her highschool graduation has chosen what college she’ll eventually be attending.    The eldest Obama child has decided to follow in her Parent’s footsteps by attending the prestigious and renowned Harvard University.  I say eventually be attending because she’s choosing to wait until Fall 0f 2017 to go off to  school, as Malia want’s time to adjust on figuring out what her new norm is going to be outside of the Whitehouse.

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