Jhonni Blaze Talks @Drake Beef

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So she is super whack, you’d think with her being implicated in her boy friends murder earlier this year she’d be laying low.  She’s starts off by clarifying just what type of “Ship” she had with Drake.  She said it was more like a friendship.  I’m thinking she has issues because how she’s explaining there friendship sounds like a relationship to me.

Why does he have to explain to you who any female is or what he’s doing with her and from the text she posted, (Check Previous Post) you can tell she was being super needy and annoying.  Not to say that merits what she now back peddles on as a threat. but when you yourself are being looked at for murder, it’d make me nervous to.  I can see him saying that for her to leave him alone.  I think he was more afraid of her then she was of him.  A fatal attraction is what it’s sounding like to me..Tell Me what you think

Drake you need to stop messing with these Birds on the come up everybody wants to recant Drake threats now.  Stop messing with these chicks who think because they bed you, they now own a stock option in every thought of your mind.


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