king-harris2This little boy has blossomed into a young man over night, Tiny and T.I. have a little fire cracker  on their hands with this one.  As their older son together King Harris isn’t as sweet & tame as his younger brother Major. Considering children are experiencing life at a younger age now a days, I’d say if they hadn’t had the talk with King they should.  Especially with him acting grown on Instagram all the time.

king-harristhe_next_king10Happy bday to my queen😍❤️I love you so much aka I was the first to tell her 😌💯

Whomever this little girl is, she has to know it isn’t going to be easy dating King.  As he has a certain notoriety due to his parents are, so she’s not the only little girl who want him.  And at this age feelings are fleeting, I just hope for both their sake that they are taking things slow.

She looks more mature than him physically so it’s hard to put an age on her exactly, but King is 12.

I guess watching him Grow up is letting me know how old I’m getting..LOL  I just saw this picture and couldn’t believe he had a girlfriend, one that he call’s his none the less.  I know his parent’s more than likely don’t care they’re just happy he likes girls.  And that is definitely is Triumph if your parenting in Atlanta.

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