2015 Met Gala Celeb’s Who Showed up & Showed Out.

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What Rihanna wore more clothes then Beyoncé… Cuyutte..

Kanye & Kim looking like a Interracial Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend, I’m guessing he wanted to show  off his bulge with the world tonight.  We barely get to see it with him sitting behind a piano all the time.  Thank you John Legend for sharing.

FKA Twigs I have no clue if she know’s what she has on.  It clearly shows her standing there with her leg out underneath someone else leg opens and there genitals.  Thinking this dress was just one big orgy.  Where’s Robert Pattinson when you need him.  Rob come get your girl.
Cassie & Diddy Looking like they just got married but didn’t.  They both recently did an ad campaign for his new fragrance 3Am and Macy’s wouldn’t put out the ad because it was to raunchy, so there suppose to be fixing it before.  Diddy’s 3AM Fragrance
Kendall Jenner Looking Stunning.  She’s my Fav.
Kris Jenner looking like she on Fiya, somebody tore tat up last night.
Lee Daniels looking flamboyantly together standing next to te Black Swan Naomi Campbell.
Madge Wearing Moschino lookin like she rolled over on a recently spray painted street corner in the six with her woe’s. Looking for Drake possibly.  She wont let the kiss thing die she recenty addressed it again during an ask.com session she did and little did she know a couple of viewers spotted a rat.
Miley Cyrus, eh.. Not really feeling her getup.  I guess this is better then her riding out on the red carpet with sometype of Phallic symbol between her legs. 
Solange looking a damned fool.  I like that it’s different, just looks hella uncomfortable so its hard to look at.
Taraji Henson in Balenciaga standing next to Alexander Wang. #Awkard J/K Alex aint a Hater apparently.
Zoe Kravitz appears on the red carpet on the heels of her recent nude shoot with Flaunt Magazine
Justin Bieber just looking like the Biebs.  Give him 10 more years he’ll look like Elvis Presley.

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