nikki-baby-joseline-hernandezNikki Mudarris B*K*A Ms.Nikki Baby from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood recently sat down with VH1 and did a video interview, in which she may have inadvertently revealed the sex of LHH Alumni & good friend Joseline Hernandez.


Nikki Baby Told VH1 (See Video Here)“She said I hope this child has my genes and I was like ‘well b***, she gon’ be beautiful,” “It’s a girl. She’s very content actually, she’s great, she workouts. I told her I’m gonna be the father.”

So now we know that the little bundle on the way is a girl, Congrats Joseline!

Now why did Nikki Mudarris think it was her place to reveal is beyond me, but I’m certain Joseline isn’t happy that she wasn’t able to deliver that detail herself.  I bet Ms. Hernandez will be more careful in who she tells her business to, especially out of the Love & Hip Hop Circle.

What I also left out is the fact Nikki baby also admitted to VH1 that her & Joseline have been intimate on several occasions before.  SMDH!  I can’t wait to see the shade that’s sure to be thrown by Joseline unto Nikki, because believe me when I say it’s coming.

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