Khloe Kardashian Shades Ciara & Russells Relationship?!

Khloe has gone and opened her mouth and inserted foot this week.  She decided it’d be a great idea with “Kocktails With Khloe” to discuss who I and everyone else figured to be a good friend of the family, particularly Kim’s friend Ciara.  She’d thought it be a good topic of discussion to ask why would anyone do the celibate thing?  Why did they tell anybody, what are you trying to prove?  Who are they trying to prove it to. 
Then when everybody started going in on Khloe on Social media then she wants to release a statement of, O that wasn’t even how I said it, that was the edited version.. What do they do Khloe? Take snippets of words and scenes and group them all together in one sentence without an apparent pause and or break from your mouth moving?  I don’t get it..
So she’s so befuddled about how that can happen when everybody still trying to figure out how she actually got Lamar to agree to Marry her within 2 months of meeting.  GTFOH!
Ciara I feel like wanted to recreate the image that came with being Future 5th baby mama.  She wanted to show women every where especially single mothers that, you can and will find the man you deserve if you do it the way God wants you to do it.  So I’d like to think she was an inspiration.  Something you nor your Klan of Witchful sisters could ever do. 


The nerve of her to ask who are they trying to prove this to?  Wo are you trying to prove anything to when you tell people all your business?  SMDH, Come on Khloe you use to be peoples fav..

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