Russell Wilson and Ciara Engaged!!

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The news everybody’s been waiting on,  Russell finally asked Ciara to be his.  I guess he couldn’t wait any more.  Seattle Quarterback Russell Wilson proposed to Ciara on a beautiful beach in Seychelles following Paris Fashion Week.  A lot of people would like to doubt that the couple haven’t been practicing what they’ve been preaching about celibacy.. (Clears throat Khloe Hating a**).  
I’m glad that they were open enough to share that with us, if they were two people who I saw always sloppy drunk and out partying then I’d have my doubts.  The thing is I always see them doing charitable things, if there not being philanthropist there out with friends and family.  You don’t here bad gossip about there relationship because they keep a tight nit group around them.  I can guarantee the devil isn’t in any of these details.  I’m so excited to see what’s sure to be the wedding of year.  Congrats!

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