Russell Treat’s Ciara & Baby Future to a Trip..

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The newly engaged couple enjoyed fun in the sun at Disney World with baby boy Future Zahir.  I love these two together.  There amazing humanitarians, who are always giving back and openly supporting a cause.  Like they both volunteer there celebrity and there time to visiting Patients, mainly children at one Seattle Children Hospitals.  They’re putting smiles on peoples face’s and you can tell they genuinely want to be there.  They openly shared there act of celibacy which I thought was a “Boldly Beautiful” and “Honest”.  It made me and I’m certain countless other men & women renew the belief that there worth waiting for.  The thought may not made them celibate but it gave a starting point for dialogue for there current and future relationships.



I also find it refreshing that the children these days  have a positive influence and encouragement upon there lives based off  some of the other  decisions most celebrities are eager to share openly that aren’t as half as decent as of what they share.


Throw in the fact that there gorgeous together; I and countless other women love her hit single “I bet”, and to see her execute moving on and falling in love so beautifully its encouraging.  Her baby daddy who shall be un-named was hating so hard on her relationship with Russell Wilson it actually backfired and made people love him more.  Only groupies would agree with him in my opinion.  She has one child and now she’s suppose to sit there like some old maid and for what.  This fool has countless baby mama’s and do you think he know who around them kids all the time? Seriously I’ve only seen 2-5 of his kids that we know of on his social media.  If you’ve spotted more please show me and let them be current.



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