Lamar Odom off The Wagon..


Lamar Odom is back in the headlines after pictures of the former Basketball star were leaked of him getting drinks in Calabasas the day of Easter church services.    Sources say that estranged wife Khloe Kardashian is on his case about enrolling in rehab and Lamar doesn’t believe he needs it.

 Lamar believes he can have a drink here or there without it becoming an issue and just Khloe to give him a chance to prove her wrong, before she jumps to him needing any help.  I think it would sound reasonable coming from someone who didn’t nearly OD on alcohol and drugs. Seeing as though he was brought back from the dead merely months ago I think drinking should be the last thing he’s thinking about.


I really do believe he needs help, no one can go from the brink of death that they brought upon themselves and honestly think anyone would believe that they don’t need help.  His poor children are suffering by worrying themselves half to death about there neglectful father who’s halfway across the country.  I

n my opinion if he cared about those children he would be around more, you’d of thought Kris Jenner birth Lamar herself how he clings to that family.  It’s quite disturbing.  Lets keep Lamar in our prayers and Pray that he gets the help he needs and the healing for himself and those he’s hurt in the process.

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