Couple Murdered in Bed While Infant Lay Between Them?!

Dawn Scott @Facebook-Taken March 6th,2016-Dawn’s Baby Shower

A New Orleans Couple’s life was cut short last night by an as of now unknown intruder.  Dawn Ellen Scott & Raynell Kimbrough were lying in bed asleep Monday morning with their 2 week old infant in between them when there were viciously shot and murdered in cold blood.  It’s a wonder and a blessing that their infant daughter wasn’t hurt or killed in the melee of bullets.

In another room in the same house where the murder occurred were a two & 10-year-old.  The gunshots woke the eldest who then managed to get away and go to a neighbor, who from there called for help.  As of now the Police have no motive for this vicious killing and family members of both victims are struggling for answers and ways to cope with the loss of there loved ones.

‘I talked to her last night,’ her mother Ellen told ‘She was good.’

‘She was a good girl. I can’t say anything else.’

‘My brother was a loving person,’ Kimbrough’s sister Shaketha Kimbrough added to The Advocate.

‘He may have had his ups, and he may have had his downs, but he never would do nobody what they did him. And for them to literally put his girlfriend in the middle of this – a mother of three – I mean why?’

‘Whatever it may have been, it was coldhearted. And the last person you have to answer to is God, and he’s going to handle it,’ Shaketha Kimbrough said. ‘Whoever you may be.’

‘I’m speechless. It’s still unbelievable. I’m trying to figure out what happened,’ said Natacha Kimbrough, sister of Raynell Kimbrough.

Police are now looking for a gold colored vehicle, possibly a Ford Taurus, seen leaving the area immediately after the shooting.

new orleans couple murdered, baby of murdered new orleans couple
2-Week Old Baby

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