Ivan Archivaldo Guzman

According to The Guardian, the incident happened in the western state of Jalisco at the restaurant of a Mexican resort. Jalisco state Attorney General Eduardo Almaguer told reporters “it is presumed,” that 32-year-old Ivan Archivaldo Guzmán was among the five men kidnapped by a criminal group early Monday morning (Aug. 15). Authorities believe those who were kidnapped had been visiting Puerto Vallarta for a least a week under false identities.

The gang has assumed to be Jalisco New Generation cartel, a fairly new operation that has grown over the past five years. If confirmed, the kidnapping shows a power shift among the drug cartels. Adrian López, editor of El Noreoeste, tells The Guardian that El Chapo’s competitors are using his time away from the business to stand in line for the top spot. “His enemies are taking advantage of his distraction with extradition and his weakness,” Lopez said. “After his third arrest, he has been weakened even more. It seems like he employed a lot of resources in the last escape.”


Wow, I’m surprised why any of his family would choose to continue to stay there, but then again maybe they don’t have a choice..

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