So Amber Rose has a new boo and its none other than Terrence Ross a NBA Player with the Toronto Raptors.  I take it from the snaps I caught that there in lust or some kind of puppy love.  You know Amber Rose isn’t one to be outdone, soon as she has the slightest suspicion that someones not paying attention to her she goes anddrops a bomb on us.

Now she got every body talking about Terrence crazy baby mama named Matijana that done popped up, talking about her and Terrence were trying to work things out when Amber stepped in and took over.  I’m not sure how that is plausible, that’s how you know when a woman is crazy in love, they blame the other woman as the reason there man left them.  As if it were any other female he would of chosen you. Lol like some alternate universe theory.  No if he wanted you, he’d of been with you case closed crazy lady


I guess there cute together.  I honestly don’t see Amber Rose Dating him in real life.  Life if he wasn’t worth 3.5 million she wouldn’t give him the time of day and I can guarantee that.  Then again she was with ol skinny thin mint Wiz Khalifa so maybe eventually they’ll grow on me. img_2064

Amber need to learn how to be single, I understand it’s liberating dating and seeing people.  But its gotten to the point when she’s out in public and caught kissing her little boy in the mouth people freak out and lose their minds.  She gives to much of herself on social media, but maybe that’s the price that she’s paid.


I want to do a honey pot on how long does one think this relationship will last?  But for now I think a Poll with do.


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