trump-kingWhile other’s sit around and stew on the fact that Trump won & Hillary Lost, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s Kin themselves are making their rounds in support of President Elect Trump.

His son Martin Luther King III made the point of meeting with Trump on the Day we reserve in remembrance of his Father and his message was clear, decisions need to be made in effort for a solution to be had.

“He said he’s going to represent Americans” (all), King says of meeting with President Elect Donald Trump.

“People are literally, probably dying.  We need to be talking about how do we feed people, how do we clothe people? How do we create the best education system? That’s what we ought to be talking about.”

When asked by a reporter  who inquired on what MLK III father’s message would be to President Elect Trump?  His response was:

I think my father would be very concerned about the fact there’s 50-60 million people living in poverty. And somehow we’ve got to create the climate for all votes to be lifted. In America with the multi-trillion dollar economy, 20 trillion dollars almost.  It’s insanity that we have poor people in this nation”.

Now mind you it’s not that he’s endorsing his leadership in any kind of way, but he is accepting of the fact Trump won.  And he did what only a man whom was birthed from a great leader can do and that’s listen and speak on the truth of his people when called on for help with solutions.  What would you do if a Leader of The Free World asked for your input on making your Country Better?  I’d go, cause I have a voice and the fact that person wanted to listen to it would be an honor.  I’d go in there with a plan and my ideas on executing said plan.


Alveda King, MLK Jr’s Niece comes out on Main Stream Media yet again in full support of President Elect Donald Trump.

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