The Season 5 2-Hour Premier of Black Ink Crew aired tonight on VH1 and outside the new elements they’ve allowed in the crew, everybody seems the same.  All but Oh Sh*t. Or as he’d like to be called now, Richard.  Which is his Government name, so it only makes sense.

 I mean who want’s to walk around the rest of their life being known as sh*t?  The reason behind his name is growing up and getting into trouble, all he could say for himself when getting caught was “Oh Shit.

Although his excuse for leaving in the midst of last season was that he was going to rehab down south.  When in reality he went out to San Fransisco.  Say’s from there he gathered his thoughts, abstained from drugs and found a job tattooing out there.  Where coincidentally he met his girlfriend, now wife Nikki (Pictured Above with Richard).  Who Strangely enough looks a lot like Black Ink cast-mate Donna.

donna-don-daddaDonna Da Don Dadda

I understand him wanting to work at Black Ink 125th considering at 113th they act as though going a day without turning up is going to kill them.  All the super random chicks that just be hanging around at parties, the alcohol, random sex in bathrooms and  now thanks to Ted a Sex Dungeon.

It’s a den of sin and it does look like a walking venereal  disease in there, down to that ugly shag red carpet Ted put down that he don’t want anybody to step on.

What I can from Sh*t’s social media post he appears to be very happy and seeing as though this was the first two episodes, I’m going to say he’s made a change for the better.  I say that because he has recent pictures with his wife and she seems strong enough to walk away if he aint acting right.  If you watched you see she nearly flipped when he said that Cease wouldn’t allow him to work at Black Ink 125th and that he’d have to start on 113th at the old shop.  I thought she was going to flip the table over.

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