Would you Choose to be Euthanized?

I was watching on PBS NewsHours on how people in Canada and the Netherlands are given the right to choose whether or not and when they want too die. Especially if there terminally ill or just ready to die and cant go on anymore. I can understand wanting to leave this Earth. We all as “Human Beings” go through a period or a time in life where we’ve experienced some plattitude of pain. I’m saying have we not? So I think people who choose to end there own life and not choosing to live everyday to the fullest, are sad.

The one thing I give Canada is atleast there haulting anymore assisted deaths until they come to an agreement on part of the existing law they have, that states: “A person who is
Terminally Ill (A status assigned to a person who has been diagnosed with an illness and is expected to die within a certain time frame, usually six months.)
and/aswell in pain and/or has a mental illness that causes the feeling of wanting to die” That person can choose to end there life with the assistance of a Liscenced Physician.

Did you know in the netherlands 1 out of 28 deaths are by doctor assisted euthanasia? To many of the Law Makers & Citizens of Canada it’s a very serious topic.  I’m certain many see it as a very Voluntarily Selfish Decision. I Know I do.   I’m sorry that’s not meant to be offensive,  it’s just hard for me to sympathize with someone who would do that.  It’s dumbfoundedly selfish,  the hurt you put the people who loved and care about you through.  The time and the opportunity to love you, you took from them.  It’s no different from one’s family member struggling with “Drug Abuse” and overdoses, either way and its still hurtful, because all you can ask yourself when your left behind is, “What could I done to save her?”.  It hurts to say it outloud but you cant help but wonder”.  I have family members you can’t do anything but pray for and mainly your praying you never get that call they’ve OD somewhere.

That’s why I hate 4 min news pieces cause you never get the full story, like does any of these people you just showed me have anyone who care’s about them outside the nurse who’s caring for them?  Are they Happy?  What Hobbies Do They Have if Any?  Can you tell me what they use to do, that there not able to do anymore?  Are they sane? I dont know what goes through one’s mind when they make that step,  all I can encourage anyone to do is to treat people better you never know what anyone is going through.

Make an effort to go out the way for someone else and doing what God put it on your Heart to do.  Stop Second Guessing Yourself.  Don’t ever give up Hope even when someones placed a time stamp on your life;  That’s cause God had the last word.

Deaf Twins Euthanized Because They Were Going Blind…


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