Meek Mill Appeals Courts Decision on House Arrest

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Meek Mill just shy of his first full week of House Arrest isn’t having it, he’s eager to get back out there perform and make music.  So he’s appealing the judges sentence of 90 Days of Confinement at home.  Meeks main complaint isn’t the fact that its 90 days at home, but the sentence also dictates he’s not allowed to make music even though he has a studio in his home.  The soonest he’d be able to record wouldn’t be til late june early july and he’s not really feeling that.
I think its ridiculous a judge can dictate someones creativity especially when said creativity pays that person’s bills.  That’s like a judge telling an Artist who paints portraits, your on house arrest but you cant paint.  Who are you to tell me what I can and cant do on my free time at home.  My art didn’t make me violate my probation.  Insane! Lets keep Meek Mill in our prayers and wish him luck in his appeal.

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