@BlacChyna Mama Go’s In On Tyga’s Grandma & Kardashian/Jenner Family

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Check the rest of the Post and What Chyna Mama Had to Say About the Torrid Tryst.

Below is Kim Kardashian & Tokyo Toni in Happier Times

Tokyo Toni and Kim

Blac chyna's mom

Mama let them have it I tried to warn granny with my last post to watch out for Blac Chyna mama (If Ya missed it Check it Out Here +Tyga  Grandmother Picks Sides.)  You can’t throw shade and not expect a Full Eclipse coming right back at ya Granny.  Hood Life Lesson 1 on 1. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.21.18 AM

I and other women like myself applaud Blac Chyna for being such a great mother and a wonderful person. She doesn’t have to screw people over to Get her’s, God is doing a wonderful Job providing for her.  I’m proud of you mama and keep doing your thing.  It’s laughable what his Granny said about you all things considered in what’s going on with there family

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