blac chyna
Blac Chyna Snap Chat

Ok so today Kylie and Blac Chyna took it upon themselves to link up and to hang out;  They would like us to believe that they’ve been the best of friends all along. Which if anyone has been following this drama train then you know that’s the furthest from the truth. 


Shots have been fired from both Chyna and Kylie for the past two years.  For instance it wasn’t even 2 months ago Blac Chyna Got Caught Throwing Shade @Kylie & Then Deleting it .  Then just ignore the above photo I found in the Archives too, and lets pretend the mocking of Kylie Jenner’s lips didn’t happen.  I haven’t even thought to see if that picture is still up on her Instagram or not.  I’m sure Kris Jenner paid a “pretty penny” to have that one removed, or hell even put up.

We’ll completely forget that Tokyo Toni (Chyna’s mom) had come for Tyga’s Grandmother and the Kardashian Klan after Tyga’s Grandmother picked Kylie’s side over Blac Chyna.  No need to Photoshop Blac Chyna into the Birthday party Kris Jenner through for him, because she was there duh, check it out here-Kris Jenner Throws Rob a b-day party.

Kylie Jenner Snapchat

Also it was Blac Chyna & Kylie who conspired together on both the Text gate when photo’s of Tyga were released begging Chyna to take him back- Tyga recovers after Blac Chyna Text Gate and more recently Does Kylie Know, Tyga is still sexting Blac Chyna?   Of cours that’s if Blac  Chyna & Kylie want us to believe that they’ve been the best of friends this whole time!  Right?

So that mean’s we can address the fact that everyone thinks the Kardashian and Jenner sisters are a bunch of talentless fakes, who use manufactured drama to stay relevant.   Thank you for confirming this with these pics,  I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt considering Blac Chyna was involved.  Thinking about it she’s just as fake in my eye’s right now but that’s if I choose to believe they’ve been friends, but I dont.  It  of been better if Kylie posted a pic saying something like,  “Letting go & Letting Love”, or “All is forgiven” heck even a “Work in Progress” would of done. But for Kylie to put in her caption “When we’ve been best friends the whole time”.    GTFOH not with all the stories I done wrote over the years..   No Kylie its called “Check Mate”.  Now that I think about it, that would of made the perfect caption.



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