Over 30 Hotel Tourist Massacred on Beach Vacation

Sousse, Tunisia (CNN)
Tourists fled a Tunisian seaside resort on Saturday, a day after an attack killed at least 38 people and wounded at least 36 others.
A stream of buses quietly ferried out thousands of guests who abruptly ended their beach holidays in the coastal city of Sousse.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack that started on the beach outside the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba, but it wasn’t clear if the Islamist group had any direct role in it.
ISIS posted a photo of the alleged attacker, Abu Yahya al-Qirawani, but people who were at the scene of the shooting told CNN they could not definitively say whether the gunman they saw is the same man featured in the ISIS photo.
Initial reports about the attack suggested there had been three gunmen, but a Tunisian Interior Ministry spokesman later said they were aware of only one and that he had been killed
Wow God Bless those who’ve lost there family members to this senseless act of violence.  No one goes on vacation thinking “These are some of my last days on earth”. They go to get away from the everyday routine and enjoy different types of atmosphere’s.

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