soulja boY2 Soulja Boy rarely has anything noteworthy to say and  as of recent its hard to take anything he say’s seriously,especially as of recent.  Soulja had completely fabricated a $400 Million Dollar deal he says he’d signed with some gaming site.  Report’s came in that was false this past week and I guess he wanted to break the monotony of being a liar and actually tell the truth for once.

Soulja Boy Wants You to Know…soulja boyFirst off I cant think of a SODMG artist outside of himself & Raab anyways, so maybe that was a great idea to put a quash on the rest of them.

  I’m not moved on the news either way,  In my mind what happened was after it was proven he was lying about the $400 Million deal that his artist/friends were probably clowning Soulja and he didn’t take to kindly to it.  That & he probably got tired of them freeloading and not wanting to actually perfect a persona or even a flow at that for people to want to hear something from them.

Good for you SouljaBoy your making better decisions, hopefully the next artist you sign has more sustenance then you.  But not to much of course we don’t want him to be more influential then you, in a positive manner anyways.  I bet he struggles with a bunch of dilemmas when signing new artist, which is why the one’s he chosen before were just carbon copies of Soulja.  And not very good one’s at that, apparently.


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