Video of Surface’s of @NickiMinaj "Original Booty" #OGBooty


This evidence was inevitable to say the least. I mean who can erase they ass past, if Kim K couldn’t do it.  What made Nicki Think she could stand a chance.  Rihanna is proof that you don’t need a lot of ass to sell records.  Rihanna Sells face and body she’s a walking advertisement. My thing is if ya got a fake ass in the words of my Boo Drake, “Own dat Ish,Its yours!!”,  you paid for it.  

“B.D.D” Commonly known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder is real and you have a lot of fans who for some reason go out they way to kill themselves to outdo your ass literally and figuratively. 

The least you could do is start a program or a charity that encourages girls to love themselves and if they want enhancement’s encourage them to do it safely and with a health professional as you apparently did.  Cause with all that ass you packing I’m sure you have to re-up or occasionally get adjusted. Lets Keep it Real!

This video couldn’t come at a better moment, because it questions her credibility in truthfulness.  If you cant even admit to having a fake but, then why would you admit to having ghost writers? 

I bet right now her and Meek Mills sitting down trying to rething this shyt


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