teyana-taylorTeyana Taylor (Mrs.Schumpert) has definitely come a long way since MTV’s Sweet 16. I admit the corner she turned after that show went completely left.  She was in the media a lot for some of the most ridiculous things that I wont even get into. 


And the reason why is I have more respect for the woman she’s become then the one she was before. And albeit her journey wasn’t always a beautiful one, you have to ask yourself who’s is?  She’s made a Triumphant comeback since “Google Me” and it’s not like she ever stopped hustling-Teyana Taylor Premieres Newest Clothing Line,

I feel she’s always known she should be mainstream and was just waiting on her moment.  And after that Kanye West “Fade” video she starred in & premiered at the VMA’s, no one can stop thinking about Teyana Taylor and what she has up her sleeve next.  Well the wait is over &  you wont be disappointed at Teyana’s video for her “Champions” Freestyle.  Taylor is definitely giving body and beauty in this video like none other in this game can.


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