Talks of WIll Smith Playing Jesse Jackson in Biopic..

Pictured Above: Jackson 5 with Jesse Jackson behind a Young Michael Jackson.

I had to do a double take because it almost looks as though Will Smiths head was superimposed onto the picture.  It’s so uncanny how many facial features Jesse Jackson and Will Smith share from when he was younger. 

I’d say Will Smith would be the best choice to pull it off especially being able to manipulate his features a little to pull it off but it I’m sure they’d be able to pull it off.  Who else could pull off Jesse Jackson voice better then Will Smith?   Don’t worry I’ll wait.. Sike.. Cause there’s no one else. 
          A Young Jesse Jackson Pictured above
A Jesse Jackson Biopic would be a great Idea for any Presidential Prospect he may have in the future.  A good campaign manager would make sure the movie allowed the good and the bad, so that way he can address it in his own way. I believe while he promotes the movie would be the moment he has to shine in regards to selling himself to Americans and people all over the world. 

 He’d have to be willing to bare himself in order to be what we need in a Great Leader in the future.  I’d be afraid to even run for an office of that magnitude without getting some thing’s off my chest.  Because I don’t like no one thinking they got something to hold over me. 

 I’d rather tell the world then to be someone’s puppet cause I want to keep a lie going or not to expose something about my past.  I’m a very open book, at times to open.  I speak on things that our on my mind right then and there.  I hate pondering & wondering for to long I have to read into it.

Back to what I was initially saying.  I think Will Smith would be an awesome Jesse Jackson.  I’d say Jada could play one of a many of number of his wives. Except Jesse Jackson has only had one wife since 1962,  they have 5 Grown Children with each other.

The thing people miss is the fact he actually has 6 children.  With the 6th child being the youngest and she’s not adopted.  Her name is Ashley and she’s 16 Years old, and beautiful Read Here  Jesse conceived her with his mistress and he’s being paying for it ever since. 

The little girl want’s to be acknowledged out loud;  As she should be and I respect the fact Jesse Jackson is supporting her Music career although he doesn’t care for it.  I find it admirable for his wife of over 40 years has stayed by his side, despite his pit, downfalls and indiscretion’s.  I can only imagined she’s accepted the little girl into there home and in her heart.  Check out her song below.  BTW To all the producer’s who reach out to work with her,  Jesse has banned her from using the world N**ga.  So that’s like 90% of your demographic out the door right there. LOL.


It was pretty good..

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