Ex Employee shoots Co-Workers on Live TV

Victims Alison Parker & Adam Ward in Happier times.


A TV news reporter and cameraman were killed Wednesday morning in a shooting captured in a live broadcast, and the gunman remains at large, police said. He later posted video of the shooting to Twitter and Facebook. A suspect in the deadly shooting of a television reporter and cameraman Wednesday morning has shot and killed himself, CBS Roanoke affiliate WDBJ-TV reports, citing the Virginia State Police.
Multiple sources confirmed to CBS News that the suspect has been identified as Vester Flanagan.
The suspect, described as a disgruntled station employee, used the name Bryce Williams on television. A Twitter account belonging to a person using that name posted two videos of the shooting from the gunman’s perspective. The account has since been suspended.
The suspected shooter has been identified as Vester Lee Flanigan, also known as Bryce Williams. He is still alive and is in critical condition. Previously, state police said Flanigan was dead.

I woke up to this that same morning not even 3 hours after it occurred and I thought to myself “What is the World, coming to”.  I couldn’t believe it until I saw the video.  The video I was watching was from the tape the actual camera man who you see in the blue, a now late Adam Ward shooting the video of his fiancé Alison Parker. 

I think this was a senseless act of violence.  Plenty of people said thing’s I haven’t agreed with, doesn’t give me the right to kill them in cold blood. 

 Ok so now there dead and so are you.  What was the point of it all.  There’s two families grieving now and at a loss.  I wished people thought things through better then this. 

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