Rick Ross Takes Back Engagement Ring From Lira Galore

  Rick Ross and Lira Galore

I honestly knew in my heart of hearts this wasn’t going to last long.  It was just something about her that seemed off.  She tried to blow off that cheating scandal that broke with this chick posting video and photo evidence she was with Ross.  Started posting all kinds of lovey dovey and self absorbed photo’s to play it off.

She was just fronting on Instagram a few days ago, as usual. 
                          Lira Galore
This pic is one of the last she posted of her and Ross.

Then this past week past tweets were leaked from years ago of her tweeting to Drake and Meek Mill. 

Lira Galore sitting on Meek Mill Lap with her boobies out in her Stripper Days which wasn’t that long ago.

Then you throw in the rumor that she vehemently denies that Rick Rozay had caught her on Camera cheating on him with Wiz Khalifa. 

Story goes he pays for her spot in LA and he put cameras in it cause he cant be there all the time, and he wanted to keep an eye on her and I’m sure the stuff he pays for.

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