Not long after the funeral, Prince’s only “whole sister” Tyka Nelson has filed a legal motion in Carver County probate court, Minneapolis.  Tyka’s points out that her brother died without a will and she would like a judge to appoint an executor to deal with the late singer’s estate.

“I do not know of the existence of a Will and have no reason to believe that the Deceased executed a testament of will documents in any form;  She highly recommended , naming her brother’s pre-existing  & current banker, Bremer Bank  as the best candidate pending the appointment of an executor the Judge may see fit instead.

tyka nelson

Now the reason I pointed out that she’s Prince’s only “whole sister” was there’s a law in Minnesota that  in case of no will then the fortune goes to the nearest living relative.  Now supposedly there’s other sibling’s believed to be half, meaning of course there daddy was a rolling stone.

Prince’s estimated wealth prior to his death was $300 Million and you throw in the sales not even counted yet preceding then she’s more then likely sitting on an $800 Million Dollar Estate.

So it makes sense why should provide all the information on who she believed to be her siblings and put it upon the executor and the court to prove those peoples identities and addresses.  More then likely DNA will be involved in proving that,  the names of the half-brothers and half-sisters Tyka listed in the petition were  Alfred, Sharon, Omar, John and  Norrine.

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