KANYE WEST MET GALAAs of last week, you can add Kanye West to the list of strange robberies & events that seem to be plaguing anyone who’s associated or in a relationship with a Kardashian.

According to TMZ, law enforcement was recently called to his studio office in Calabasas after a break-in. His computers and laptops were stolen by the robber(s) from the building.

A door to the studio had reportedly been pried open. Electronic devices totaling around $20,000 were missing. No suspect has been reported, but Kanye’s team assures no personal information was compromised thanks to security protections on the devices.

It wasn’t but a few weeks prior Scott home was broken into while he was in Cannes,France with Mama & Kendall Jenner; Then weeks prior to that it was Blac Chyna’s house that was broken into-(Read Story Here). Jewelry, Money and other things were stolen from a safe.  In both cases the lead detectives believe that it was an inside job.

You’d think with knowing how vulnerable they are to theft that they’d have better security.  Thankful that Kanye was smart enough to protect his files with extra layers of security, to where he’s not even worried about it.  Then again there has been people know to hack there way into sensitive data, so I don’t know.  We shall see if anything comes of it.


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