black chyna robbedBad news for  Rob Kardashian “Video Vixen” Fiance , Blac Chyna as her home was robbed while she and pals were doing promotion  and appearances in Phoenix, AZ over the weekend.

Sources Claim Rob Kardashian was the one who discovered the crime and contacted law enforcement; From there it was determined there was no sign of forced entry, nor was the safe busted open.  Money and Jewelry were stolen, an estimate of over $200,000.00 worth.  Whoa I get mad when I lose $20.00, smdh.

Those &  other supporting factors lead investigators to believe it was someone close to the Socialite & his Fiance.  Strange enough Khloe Kardashian faced the same feat. when her estranged husband at the time Lamar Odom’s jewelry came up missing in the safe that they share in their post-marital home.  blac chyna rob kardashian

In my mind I don’t want to believe Rob would be cruel enough to set Blac Chyna up and pulled a smooth one on her.  She’s never had to worry about her belonging’s like that when she was out of town till now. blac chyna tyga

Hmmm something’s not right in the water if you ask me;  Now according to several media sources there’s a sex tape of none other then Blac Chyna and Tyga being shopped around.  Blac Chyna is of course threatening to sue who ever releases it.  I wonder if that sentence ends before she license and sells it herself.

It was just last week Blac Chyna was out with Rob & Kim Kardashian-See Here Blac Chyna & Rob Spotted Out With Kim Kardashian.  It’s all very confusing if you ask me.  I think it was all plotted though, we’ll see if that police report goes anywhere, if they come up with any “Leads”.


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