TIABECCATia Becca recently sat down on LHHATL Exposed & Unfiltered and revea;ed that she was definitely not planning on going to see baby daddy Scrapp Deleon behind bars anytime soon.  And she attest it to the the fact that she was to respect the man she married a few weeks back. 

She declined to provide his name and what it is that he does exactly, but we can say with certainty that its not her co-star and love interest J.Nicks based on the build of her hubby in the pics above.  Of course her son’s grandmother Karen King through a couple digs tonight, saying that she was informed that Scrapp wasn’t Tia son’s King father.  Karen also suggested since the mother of 6 is now married that she’d have respect enough not to post any more half naked photo’s of herself on social media.lhhatl

So far all she’s posted is multiple shots of her husband & found ways to blur out his face one way or another.  In my mind all she’s actually done is work her way out of a story line for next season LHHATL.  But then again there has been rumors circulating that this could be the last season of the Atlants Franchise due to the majority of the main cast legal battles.  Then again they could just be looking to make room for Love and Hip Hop Miami –Mona Scott GreenLit a New City for Love & Hip Hop featuring Trick Daddy & Pre-Madonna to name a few.

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