yonceBeyoncé is celebrating her B-Day All Month and the other day went all out with a Soul Train themed Birthday Party where she invited several family & friends to come help her celebrate.

beybeyJay Z & Beyonce walking into the party looking like they jumped right out the 70’s, I think the only thing that could of made this better is if she made it skate themed. bey-chanceBirthday Girl Beyonce & Chance the Rapper  lala-carmeloCarmelo & LaLa Anthony made it out to the party.  Love that she looks like she ripped the lining off a disco ball, if anybody could pull it off it’d be her. serena-williamsSerena Williams cant let a good outfit got to waste and let’s just say she put them garments to work. kendrick-lamarKendrick Lamar and his Fiance, looking like a scene straight out the hood Christmas Carol. kelly-rowland-wKelly Rowland and Husband Tim Witherspoon walking hand and hand into the party. solange-juelzBey’s little sister Solange and her Pre-Teen son Juelz looking practically like brother and sister.  Solange got pregnant with Juelz when she was just 17, married his father and had him all at once it seemed.   alicia-keys-5Singer Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beats went straight into there closets and pulled out these outfits.  Alicia with this natural movement blended right into the 70’s as a natural soul sista and Swizz stuck to his hip hop roots and looks like a late 70’s b-boy. usherUsher allowed his wife Grace to tag along to the party, it’s rare you see them together jayzUsher & Jay-Z kelly-rowlandKelly Rowland looking like a Donna Summers Barbie Doll.


Notably missing is Kim, Kanye, Michelle Williams and Rihanna.  I can attest to Kim & Kanye’s whereabouts as he was performing live at the Madison Square Garden that night and Kim was in tow.  Rihanna I’m not quite sure what she was doing, but Michelle Williams had to been in her feelings.  I’m certain if Michelle were invited she’d of dropped any and everything to be there and yet she wasn’t.  Hmmm…

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