chris-brown-assaultRnB Singer Chris Brown is sick & tired of his name being dragged through the mud, as rumors of him losing out on a potential role as a drug dealer on Starz hit series “Power” increase in circulation. 

The reports claim 50 cent promised Brown a roll without clearing it with his production team, which before they were willing to look past. But when they heard about Chris’s recent legal issues-Chris Brown Surrenders After All Day Stand Off With Police. they completely did an about face and made sure everybody knew that wasn’t going down.

Well Chris wanted the world to know that these allegations ex-beauty queen Baylee Curran is throwing around are bogus and that in the end charges will be brought against her.  Or at least that’s what Brown’s lawyer Mark Garegos is gunning for, and the smoking gun they have with the text messages should be more than enough-Chris Browns Accuser Sent Text Threatening to Destroy Chris Brown.. Check out the statement & interview in full below.


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