tyfAfter years going back and forth with Cash Money Records about royalties and half-hearted beefs with other YMCMB Artist such as Drake & Nicki Minaj.  Rapper Tyga has finally found him a new label and he decided his “Future” Brother In-Law Kanye West G.O.O.D Music Label would be his best bet. 

I mean what other label is out on the forefront of hip hop that he’d have an easy transition into then G.O.O.D Music?  With the buzz he keeps up with Kardashian-Jenner Family and his own exploits, utilizing the buzz off his fellow label mate Teyana Taylor put’s a silver lining on his placement there.

I know they think its cool to work together now because they feel like family, all because Tyga is dating Yeezy’s sister in-law.  But one can only imagine what type of tone that could take if and when Kylie & Tyga ever break up.  But Kanye told TMZ that this move had nothing to do with Tyga being family, but him being a talented artist. Kanye would like us to believe Tyga would of been signed even if he’d never dated Kylie.

Which I guess, could be believable considering Kim & Kanye and Blac Chyna & Tyga use to double date back in the day all the time.  So Tyga & Kanye have been friends for a while.  I guess I could buy it, my question is only “Why’d it take so long?”

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