Personality & Socialite Andy Cohen wasted no time in pouring the tea on the Real HouseWives of Atlanta Drama.  Especially when it came to Phaedra and her lying ways.

HSK Reports:

Show creator and Executive Producer, Andy Cohen, sat down with Power 105 FM’s The
Breakfast Club on Friday. He spoke candidly about the Phaedra Parks scandal and spilled some RHOA tea.
Andy revealed that he was shocked at Phaedra‘s composure after being exposed.

“She was very passive, I was surprised by that.”

The Watch What Happens Live host firmly shoots down Phaedra‘s claim that she was fed the rumor by a RHOA producer.
“I don’t believe it and also I know Phaedra, and I know everyone in the group,” he said. “You can’t tell them, ‘Go say this on camera…’ It just doesn’t work. You ever met a housewife? They do their own thing.”
As you know, Parks manufactured the malicious rumor that Kandi wanted to drug and rape Porsha Williams.
On the self-professed Southern belle’s firing, Andy confirmed the report in a circuitous way.
“Well, look, we’re looking at next season,” he said. “And you have to look at where we left off, which is none of the women want to engage with her, so that’s a tough place to come back from.”

In case your wondering, weeks ago when the last episode of the “Real House Wives of Atlanta Reunion” aired, Phaedra came out a few days later claiming a Producer on the Show fed her the lie. “Phaeda Parks Claims RHOA Producer Set Her Up”

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