bobby-shmurdaRapper Bobby Shmurda has been locked up for nearly the past two years for Conspiracy of Murder charges and this week he finally had his day in court as the D.A. and Prosecutors handed down a plea deal-Former NYPD Cop Say’s Bobby Shmurda is Done

The Plea deal is a 7 year fixed term, with 5 years probation after it’s served, he and two other of his GS9 Associates Chad Marshall (24)  & Nicholas Montana (21)  took the same deal as their attorney Leslie Jones Thomas, told them all, “You won’t have a future if you don’t take it. Don’t throw your life away.”  Had they not taken the deal they’d of all faced 25 years to life on the table if found guilty by a jury.

According to the New York Daily News:
Fifteen members of GS9 were arrested in the conspiracy bust, which also netted 69 guns. Those that have been convicted so far have gotten far stiffer sentences than the ones agreed to Friday. One of them, Rashid Derissant, 24, was sentenced to 98 years behind bars in May.


So the chances they would of received a fair trial based off of the other GS9  members past convictions & trails were slim to none, so I can see why it wasn’t hard to accept the plea deal.  Considering they’ve all spent the past 20 months behind bars, they’ve already made a dent in the sentence and who’s to say time wont get shortened for good behavior.

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