peter-thomas Cynthia Bailey unfortunately didn’t dodge the bullet seeing she married Peter Thomas, who himself was the smoking gun.  But at least she had sense enough to dislodge said bullet from her side and sought a divorce from this man, cause he’s nothing but trouble.

  If you consider the legal and financial issues that have plagued Peter since the day he’s been introduced to us on Real Housewives of Atlanta, it’s no surprise that it’s still the current and present issue he’s experiencing as well.

Rumor has it that Thomas is being sued by a man who invested and loaned him over 50K with a promise of 30% ownership of a club in North Carolina. One that Peter never opened, instead he dropped all contact from the man and went as M.I.A. as someone with as high a Social Status can go.  What made him think he could do this and not eventually get called out on it publicly is beyond me, all I can say is “Get Yo Life, Peter!”.  Get your life together!

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