peter-gunz-babymamaPeter Gunz has pulled off a Peace Treaty among his Baby Mother’s that not even the United Nations can pull off in the Middle east.  He gathered all of them together along with children to enjoy a family get together, to celebrate their big beautiful blended family.Peter Gunz captioned the picture above, petergunz174 “Not that I’m the best dad it’s that they have the best Moms !! 4 of the Beautiful mothers of my Kings and Queens…”.

Amazing timing him wanting to celebrate having a blended family, right after fellow New Yorker Alicia Keys released her single that celebrates her Blended Family.  But 10 children by 5-6 different women that I can make out from these photo’s, isn’t what I’d like to call a blended family.  Its actually described as a “Hot A** Mess”.

ginaBronx, Cori @aminabuddafly and the Beautiful mother of my son Brandon Prince @ms._gina !! Told you love is in the air.. stay tuned

The No one can be this careless as he is and you telling me he has a clean bill of health! (shrugs shoulders).  Just saying this is the Industry were talking about.  A lot of them on the scene with Herpes or worst.

What Peter needs to do is get a vasectomy and be celebrate being done with having children.  Now that’s a party all his baby mother’s should show up at, to make sure everybody accounted for them to know the shop is out of business.

aminaA lot of people took issue with Amina Buddahfly taking a picture with Tara & Peter’s son Gunner.  When come to find out Tara Wallace took the picture all along.

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