michele-biopicAccording to recent reports the Michel’le Biopic that Lifetime is planning to air in next week, maybe in the process of being shelved.  And it’s all due to her ex and baby’s father Producer, Artist & Actor Andre Young or who we know by Dr.Dre. 

Which is a given, as Dre played a major key to the beginning of her story line when it comes to her start in the industry.  A lot of the person she’d become and is today surrounds the relationships she’d experienced in the Death Row Era, whether it be musically, mentally or physically.

Now that the truth of him abusing Michel’le may be exposed, Young has threatened legal action against Sony if the Biopic entitled Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le show’s him beating Michel’le up.

Michel’le could give two damns, as she was quoted telling Wendy Williams’s while on her show that she’d welcome Dre trying to sue her, because than he’d be forced along with several of their acquaintances to sit for a deposition and the truth would come out.

Jury is out on whether Baby daddy Suge Knight has taken up any issue with the impending Biopic or the role his character plays.

Hmmmmm *sips tea*  we’ll see if this Biopic see’s the light of day or nah….

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