ciara-revlonSinger, Mommy and Newlywed Ciara has obtained a whole new level of popularity ever since she dropped the loser and got herself a real man.  More opportunities opened up for not only her, but also Russell Wilson when they began dating and even more so now they’re married. 

Revlon thought that Ciara would be an excellent Brand Ambassador for their brand, it also wasn’t a hard sale considering one of Revlon’s oldest and earliest Perfumes is named Ciara as well.  The freshly minted Mrs.Wilson will be apart of Revlon’s “Choose Love” Campaign which is flattering & fitting as that’s exactly what she’d done when she married Russell.

“I’ve been a fan of the iconic Revlon brand my entire life,” Ciara said in a Revlon news release. “In fact, my name comes from the Revlon Ciara fragrance. It was a gift given to my mother from my father, and she fell in love with the scent and the name.” It doesn’t get any more perfect than that.

Ciara is very passionate about the Brands she represents, as she even more recently became an Ambassador for K.E.D.’s shoe’s. And she’s doing an excellent job making them hip again as a more effortless and affordable shoe for moms & their children.



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