Rumor has it Ciara and Future have reached a Custody Agreement in regards to their 2-year old son Future Zahir, an agreement that has been long over do.  


The fact that Ciara recently dropped her 15 million dollar defamation lawsuit against Future made it easier to negotiate custody, as she wasn’t so much concerned about what Future had to say about her in the past.Future Hendrix Formation Beyonce Miami

 In my mind she had to have convinced Future for both of them to sign an agreement that prevent’s either party from openly disparaging each other on social media.  Which I wouldn’t be surprised if that was Future’s saving grace in her decision to drop her suit and wrap on custody.

According to TMZ:

Future and Ciara are no longer at war over custody of their 2-year-old baby Future … we’ve learned the case is officially settled.
Sources close to the exes tell TMZ … they’ve agreed to joint custody, however, baby Future will be with Ciara most of the time.
Future is frequently on the road, but when he’s back in the ATL he’ll have reasonable access to his son.
Our sources say both Future and Ciara want to close this chapter and move on with their lives.
The custody case has been dismissed.

So cheer’s to moving on and I wish the Best of Luck to both Ciara & Future..

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