blake-griffinI know what your thinking, “Isn’t Blake Griffin Black? And, well is he?  I’m going to err on the side of yes, cause it appears he is. And if that is what your thinking, than your probably wondering “Considering he could pass for either, depending on his hair style.  Which Part would he play, Black or white?”  I mean has he perfected being a white man who other’s believe can’t jump?  LOL…

Well I hate to disappoint you, but Blake doesn’t intend on acting in the movie but actually coming on as one of the  producers.  Come to find out it’s Blake, Blackish- Creator Kenya Barris and another Athlete named Ryan Kalil of the Carolina Panther’s, who’ve teamed up  for the remake of this 1990’s Classic.

Kenya Barris will of course write the script and Griffin  & Kalil help fund the movie with their various connections and media accounts.

White Men Cant Jump, was a a favorite of mine growing up.  I honestly believed that’s when black people fell in love with Woody Harrelson, which in my account was the first white actor I actually liked.  Mind you I’m an 80’s baby, so I was like 7 when this came out, so I shouldn’t of been watching it to began with.


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