Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk Frost has some explaining to do to his wife and fans.  It was just this past week that documents that were filed in a paternity & child support suit against Kirk, came to light.

A woman by the name of Jasmine Washington says that she’d given birth to a baby boy she lovingly named “Kannon Mekhi Washington”.  And says Kirk Frost fathered and cared for the boy financially, gave her an allowance and a car to drive around.

She says he’d done all that up until last October, when she decided she wanted to end the relationship.  Which I find odd considering how do you have a relationship with a married man?

Any who, Jasmines now suing for paternity and support and she want’s exactly what she was getting plus more, as he’d left her in dire financial straits when he left her and their son ‘high and dry’.

As to how Rasheeda reacted, I can only imagine.  But rumor has it that the camera’s were rolling for Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop when she found out.  So hmmmm, we shall see.kirk-frost



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