Just when ya think you heard it all, than something like this happens to jump out of the headlines.  If your like me you’ve been wondering how we haven’t heard about Rasheeda getting arrested for what Kirk been up to.  

Cause he’s really been showing his a**, and it always has to do with his mannish ways.  Whelp ,  tea is that he got so much dirt on his own wife, the last thing she want’s to do is be on Kirk bad side.  She figured hey why not make money off our messed up situation?


24 Hour Hip Hop Reported:

According to our insider, it’s no secret to many in their Atlanta circle that Rasheeda and Scrappy have been smashing. That’s why most are reportedly surprised that Kirk would even show up on the set to share a ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ scene with rapper Lil Scrappy.
Rasheeda and Scrappy play the game by calling each other brother and sister, but everybody knows they’re fucking.
Kirk is a twisted dude, but he’s not a fool. He’s not gonna raise a child that isn’t his.

Read Full Article Here

I’m not gonna lie,  Kirk and Rasheeda honestly look like they could be siblings (IJS)…

And I’ve always been suspect about the relationship between Rasheeda and Scrappy as well on da cool, so them saying this did make me think “maybe I was right”.  Brother & Sister my a** !

I mean why else would Kirk want a paternity test on his son, unless he knew or had a feeling his wife was stepping out on him?

BTW, where is Erica Dixon?

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