kim kardashian, robert kardashian, blac chyna It’s always something with this family, why wont they just let Rob and Blac Chyna be happy.  Gosh if its not hard to believe Kim and Kanye are in love, so why is this pill so hard for the family to swallow.  Could it be that there being pulled in both directions considering Kylie is still with her boo thang Tyga.  Maybe there afraid that if Rob goes through marrying Blac Chyna that it will put pressure on Kylie to marry Tyga just to prove a point.  Check the Juicy gossip below.

Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian are feuding over his plan to wed his fiance Blac Chyna without a prenup. According to Radar Online, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is terrified with Rob’s decision.

“Rob’s vulnerable and not 100 percent in a good place,” an insider close to the family tells the site, “Blac’s taking advantage of that and he’s fallen for it.” According to the insider, “Rob fought with Kim after he got engaged. She told him that if he’s going to get married, at least get a prenup.”

“He just mocked her like a child and taunted over and over ‘I’m not gonna get a prenup.’ The way he was saying it incensed her,” adds the insider. “Rob’s going to be dropped from the family if he goes through with it.” According to the source, Rob’s family “feels powerless over this evil stripper.”

While Kim is feuding with Rob, Blac is reportedly at war with Khloe Kardashian. During a secret meeting on Monday night, April 11, Blac and Khloe allegedly erupt in nasty “screaming match.”

Another Kardashian family source tells Radar, “Khloe invited Rob and Blac over because she is just really sick of this b*llsh*t drama. She wanted to make amends to her brother and she told him that Blac must come with him, because she needed to put this behind her once and for all.”

However, according to the source, once Rob and Blac arrived, “things did NOT go as planned!” The source reveals, “Khloe and Blac Chyna got into a screaming match because Blac Chyna told Khloe that she turned her back on her own brother and that she was more concerned with her own image that she was with Rob’s happiness.”

“Khloe told Blac that she felt like she was using Rob to get back at Kylie [Jenner] for dating her ex, Tyga, and that she thought the whole thing was just ridiculous,” the source continues. “[However], after meeting with the two of them face-to-face, Khloe realizes that they are actually in love. She calmed down and she apologized to the both of them.


  1. Whaaaaa!! Kim needs to mind her own business, how are you going to be mad at someone else and what they choose to do with their money?


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