These have gotten to be the most dumbest criminals around,  they’d been better off pretending to be one of Chris Brown’s lackeys than Adele’s manager.  

According to the Miami-Herald:
For the past year, somebody claiming to be the longtime manager of singer Adele has been emailing reps for fellow music superstars — asking for free concert tickets and memorabilia.
Among those celebrities: Rihanna, Usher, Drake, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Pharrell Williams.
Miami-Dade police detectives said Monday they busted the husband and wife behind the scam after the pair tried to get comped tickets to see rapper Kendrick Lamar at last weekend’s Rolling Loud festival in Miami.
Justin Jackson — a longtime con man once convicted of posing as Madonna’s manager to steal $2.4 million in jewelry — was charged along with his wife, Angel Lii.
Authorities believe they used the name of Adele’s manager, Jonathan Dickins, who had been flooded with messages from fellow celebrity reps puzzled by the ticket requests.
“Mr. Dickins has finally breathed a sign of relief and hopes this fraud against him will stop once and for all,” said his Miami attorney, Brian Bieber.
The attorney added: “The defendants did consistently leave a blueprint of their fraud for the detectives to find. Essentially, we have a pair of dumb criminals.”
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