Young Thug is A Pretty Young Model Now

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Young Thugga Lover just sat down recently with CR Fashions Book for an Interview and Photo Shoot.  I myself don’t find these photos one bit appealing, then again there was nothing about him before that was.  He’s just as unappealing as he was before I seen the pics. Checkout more after the break.

“This is sexy”—Young Thug
Photography Lea Colombo
Words Ray Siegel
Editor Ben Perreira
Music Editor Alexia Elkaim
Hair Sierra Min

Though we wouldn’t know from experience, it takes approximately 19 hours to travel from Atlanta to Manhattan by bus, but this is Young Thug’s chosen method of transportation when duty calls. Thug and 30 of his closest entourage members arrived at the set of our CR shoot during New York Fashion Week for a few quick portraits (and a lot of Maison Martin Margiela). He seemed to be in awe of our fashion closet, which we appreciated, but we were in awe that of the fact that he made it by bus during a winter storm—especially considering rumors of him rarely leaving his home base. Perhaps a little bird called Travis Scott put in a good for us. Here, in between calls on his four separate cell phones and heavy “Facetiming” sessions, we show hip hop’s biggest thing like you haven’t seen him before.            

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