Rihanna Reached Out 2 Karrueche #HotTea

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 Ooooooh (pours sugar in tea then stirs while blowing cool air on the Hot Tea)


“Kae was so suspicious and convinced she was
calling to gloat, but in fact Rihanna was
 incredibly sweet and was key in encouraging
her to put on her highest strappy heels and hit
the town – something Kae’s done and it’s
 totally worked a treat,” the source told OKMagazine.com.

And the source added that Rihanna called
Tran at just the right time, since the
 model “refused to go out and was crying non-
stop over Chris’s betrayal.”

(Sips Tea slow)

Okay if your wandering where and why this call would of stemmed from, then you’ve been under a furducking rock okay is all I can say.  It all started for us earlier then we thought with a random tweet from Karrueche & people were really clueless when deleted it moments later. (See Above)

Then it went from that to day later TMZ.com and Mediatakeout announcing that Chris Brown is a Daddy.  The twisted part about it is chick been married for like 13 years and of course her husband thought or believed he was the daddy.(See Below)

One’s Things for sure Chris Brown wasn’t lying when he said this hoe’s aint Loyal.  I’m sure he can’t be mad she’s a beautiful little girl.  Chris is going to beat the breaks off any body who slightly disrespects this little girl. 

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