Jay-Z’s New Music Streaming Biz Tidal, Shading Artist/?! Wow!

Letoya Luckett
Part of the original lineup of the superstar group Destiny’s Child, LeToya Luckett, who as a solo artist chose to go by her first name only, didn’t just sit around after she and Latavia Roberson left the group shortly after the release of 1999’s The Writing’s on the Wall (neither singer was seen in the “Say My Name” video, which came as a surprise to both of them) She started up another group with Roberson, Anjel, which dissolved before a record ever came out, opened up an upscale boutique in her hometown of Houston, TX…..Her first promotional single, “U Got What I Need,” was released in 2004, followed the next year by “All Eyes on Me” (that same year LeToya also appeared on the Coach Carter soundtrack with her song “What Love Can Do”). In the spring of 2006 “Torn” hit radios, eventually reaching number two on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and in July her self-titled debut — which contained all of the singles she had previously released — finally came out.

Janet Jackson
When a gesture from Timberlake caused Jackson’s costume to tear, exposing her right, pierced breast on live television to hundreds of millions of viewers.
suddenly everyone from pundits to politicians to the man in the street had an opinion on Janet Jackson’s chest.

Mariah Carey
However, the early 2000s weren’t as kind to Carey. After signing an $80 million deal in 2001 with Virgin — the biggest record contract ever — she experienced a very public personal and professional meltdown that included rambling; suicidal messages on her website; an appearance on TRL where, clad only in a T-shirt, she handed out Popsicles to the audience; and last but not least, the poorly received movie Glitter and its attendant soundtrack (which was also her Virgin Records debut). The film did poorly critically as well as commercially, making just under $4 million in its total U.S. gross.

Katy Perry
She continued touring through the summer of 2009 (albeit without McCoy, whose boyfriend status had been revoked earlier that year) and found time to tape an installment of MTV Unplugged, which was released in November. Meanwhile, she worked on a new album and started up a whirlwind romance with comedian Russell Brand, eventually becoming his wife, a short-lived marriage that would last for only a year. She would later begin an on-again, off-again relationship with adult-alternative singer/songwriter John Mayer.

Wow is all I have to say..I’m imagining Blue Ivy running around the house, while Jay sits in front of a computer, fingers tapping away at the keyboard while Beyoncé dictates what’s being written.  Especially the one about Letoya Luckett. Like who sat here and wrote this, not to say it isn’t true, but its just shady as hell.. lol smdh

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