countess vaughn

I could have done without this entire video, Lisa Wu did a horrible job and Countess Vaughn can’t be serious with this vision she had.  I’d of preferred Paula’s vision with her being juke joint type club back in the 1920’s club era or something, had it looking real classy.  I’d of slowed that song down some and made it work.  It’s bad enough on the day of shooting Countess forgot her music, but if you throw in the fact she didn’t have this mix & mastered properly it sounds like trash.  It really could of been something, had someone else sung it.  She should stick to being someone’s ghost writer and I’m certain she’d make a killing developing other artist.  I honestly believe if she made better choices in regards to tempo’s in her music the better off she’d be as an artist, because this tempo was to fast for her raspy voice.  She needs something more Anita Baker-ish.  The video added to my disdain for the song, so you take a listen & tell me what yawll think..


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